Boards & Commissions

Are you looking for ways to give back to the community? If so, we have a spot for you. We’re looking for committed residents willing to volunteer a few hours of their time each month to serve on a board or commission.

The following information is a brief summary of the City of Red Oak's current boards and commissions. In addition to these boards and commissions, the City Council may appoint short-term committees for special purposes.

All appointees to the city's boards and commissions must be residents of the City of Red Oak. Appointments are made at the discretion of the Red Oak Council, with most terms ranging from one to two years. Other appointments are made as necessary to fill vacancies or when new boards are created.

To apply to be on a board or commission or for additional information regarding the city's boards and commissions, please contact the City Secretary's Office.

Building Standards Commission

This Commission has the authority to enforce City Ordinances for the preservation of public safety.

Economic Development Corporation 

As a Type B sales tax corporation, this corporation provides incentives to attract new business to the Red Oak community or to expand existing business. Economic Development Corporation also funds infrastructure improvements, such as street, water, and sewer improvements.

Industrial Development Corporation

The purpose of this board is to provide incentives to encourage existing industry and business to the Red Oak community. The Red Oak Industrial Development Corporation is a Type A sales tax corporation.

Library Advisory Board

This is an advisory committee that serves to promote interest in the library and to advise the council on important matters affecting the library services and library patrons.

Planning and Zoning Commission

This Commission is an advisory board, that recommends to the City Council concerns of Future Land Use Plan changes, planned developments, preliminary plats, Specific Use Permits (SUP’s), specified items outlined in the City of Red Oak Unified Development Code, and zoning amendments. 

Parks & Recreation Commission

This commission recommends policies and procedures to the City Council for the proper administration of the parks and recreation program, facilitates the establishment and maintenance of parks and recreation facilities, acquires land and buildings with council approval for parks and recreation programs, and conducts studies and recommends a Master Parks and Recreation Plan.

Zoning Board of Adjustments 

This board has the powers and duties as outlined in the Texas Local Government Code and has the final decision on matters which it considers. ZBOA’s powers include authorizing variances for specific code items, such as height, yard area, lot coverage, off-street parking, and loading regulations.


    Caryn Stevens, TRMC

    City Secretary
    Phone: (972) 617-6831

  2. Sumer Bloyed

    Sumer Bloyed

    Executive Assistant/ Deputy City Secretary
    Phone: (469)-218-1211