Junked Vehicles


Junked Vehicles
are defined as motor vehicles, watercraft or aircraft that are self propelled and have at least one condition from each category below:

Category 1

For Motor Vehicles:
  • Expired or missing registration sticker
  • Expired or missing inspection sticker

For Aircraft:

  • Expired FAA ID Number

For Watercraft:

  • Expired certificate or number

Category 2

  • Wrecked
  • Dismantled
  • Partially Dismantled
  • Inoperable for 30 or more days on private property
  • Inoperable for 72 hours on public property


Due to legal processes, it may take up to 30 or more days from the time we receive a complaint to remove a junked vehicle. Vehicles towed under the city's junked vehicle ordinance are considered a seizure and become the the property of the City of Red Oak. Once seized, junked vehicles are disposed of as provided by State Law.

Other Nuisance Vehicles:

Vehicles that are registered and inspected but are wrecked or dismantled can also be addressed, but the city can not legally tow these vehicles from private property. Vehicles abandoned on the street, regardless of condition however, are subject to impoundment.

Allowing violations mentioned above under the Red Oak City Ordinances is prohibited. Please report violators here