Highway Oriented District

Permitted Uses

See Use Chart for all uses allowed in the Highway Oriented Zoning District.

Size and Setback Regulations

 Item Length / Amount
Minimum Lot Area 8,000 Sqft
Minimum Lot Width 60 ft
Minimum Lot Depth 120 ft
Maximum Lot Coverage 50%
Front Yard Setback 0 ft
Rear Yard Setback 10 ft
Side Yard Setback 0 ft
Side Yard Setback Adjacent to Street 25 ft
Side Yard Setback Adjacent to Separate Uses on a Platted Lot 25 ft
Side Yard Setback Adjacent to Adjacent Lot that is in a Different Zoning District 25 ft
Maximin Height 140 ft1
1. But shall not exceed 60 feet on any portion of a site within 100 feet of a property zoned or developed for residential use.
Special regulations may also apply.


See the Fire Lane, Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements for all parking provisions and use requirements.

Type of Exterior Construction

There must be 100% masonry exterior construction on the front elevation, excluding sidewalk overhangs, and a minimum of 75% masonry exterior construction on each remaining elevation, excluding garage doors. Glass or stucco may be used in place of masonry. Alternate exterior materials may be approved by the City Council upon receiving a recommendation from the Commission. To approve an alternate material, the City Council must find that the proposed structure will be weatherproof and compatible with the surrounding development.