Accessory Buildings and Uses

Permitted Accessory Uses

Permitted Accessory Uses
District Where Permitted
Accessory buildings in accordance with the restrictions below. Residential Districts
Antennas and satellite dishes - residential districts are allowed one antenna per lot, not to exceed 35 ft. in height and a maximum of two satellite dishes per lot, not to exceed 3 feet in diameter per dish. Antennas are permitted in commercial districts with planned development approval only. All Districts
Home Occupations, such as dressmaking, baby-sitting, seamstress, tailoring, millinery, tutoring, when engaged in by members of the resident family. Residential Districts
Detached or attached private garage having a capacity for not more than four (4) automobiles provided other requirements of the Red Oak Zoning Ordinance are met. AG, All Residential Districts
Farm, nursery, greenhouse or garden, agricultural operations, including field crops, orchards, horticulture, animal husbandry, subject to the rules and regulations of the State Health Department, but not including feed lots, poultry farms, and kennels. AG, RAE
Game courts without lighting. Residential Districts
Game courts with lighting requires SUP. Residential Districts
Lanais, gazebos, greenhouses, garden and patio shelters, sun decks, and children’s playhouses. Residential Districts
Model and/or sample homes for the purpose of promoting sales are permitted, provided these structures are located on and within the same tract or subdivision of land being developed for sale. Residential
One temporary construction facility and/or one temporary sales facility permitted for no longer than one year in accordance with the Special Zoning Regulations of the Red Oak Zoning Ordinance. Residential Districts
Outside display or retail sales subject to the following conditions:
  • The business displaying the merchandise must have a valid certificate of occupancy
  • The merchandise must be new and traditionally marketed outdoors
  • The merchandise must not be left outdoors overnight
  • Total outside display must not exceed 10% of the indoor floor area of the business
  • Outside display of items not for sale or for the purpose of manufacturing or assembly is not permitted
  • The merchandise must not utilize required parking.
Commercial Districts
Outside storage in accordance with the Special Yard Regulations of the Red Oak Zoning Ordinance All
Private swimming pool in accordance with all City ordinances and State laws. Residential Districts
Public, semi-public and private parks; recreation and open space including playgrounds, parkways, greenbelts, ponds and lakes, botanical gardens, pedestrian paths, bicycle paths, equestrian bridle trails, nature centers, bird and wildlife sanctuaries. All Districts
Real estate sales offices during the development of residential subdivisions, but not exceed two (2) years. Residential Districts
Recreation areas operated by charitable or religious organizations. AG, RAE
Servant’s quarters and quarters used by bona fide farm workers, or other accessory buildings such as barns, sheds, and other structures necessary for farming operations are permitted, provided however, that no such accessory building or quarters to be used by servants or farm workers is occupied as a place of abode or dwelling by anyone other than a bona fide servant or farm worker and actually and regularly employed by the land owner or occupant of the main building. AG, RAE
Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work on the premises, which are removed upon the completion or abandonment of construction work. Residential Districts
Temporary bulletin board or sign appertaining to the lease or sale of land or acreage. AG, RAE
Temporary concrete batching plant or transient mix plant utilized in construction of public streets to be issued by SUP only for a maximum of 120 days or until project completion, whichever is first. All Districts
Tennis courts, health clubs, and related recreation facilities provided they are for the primary use of guests, customers or person associated with the principal use. Commercial Districts

Temporary Accessory Uses

Temporary Accessory Uses as listed in the Temporary Uses Regulations of the Red Oak Zoning Ordinance are permitted in accordance with the provisions of the Temporary Use Regulations.

Special Requirements

  • An accessory use must be located on the same lot as the main use.
  • It is prohibited to place, store or maintain outside, an item which is not customarily used or stored outside.
  • It is prohibited to use more than 5% of the lot area of a premise for accessory outside storage.
  • The area occupied by an operable motor vehicle with valid state registration is not counted when calculating the area occupied by accessory outside storage.
  • Except as otherwise provided in the Supplementary Use Regulations of the Red Oak Zoning Ordinance, outside storage is considered to be a separate main use if it occupies more than 5% percent of the lot.

Large Accessory Buildings

An accessory building in excess of 200 square feet must meet the following standards:
  • It must be designed and constructed so that they are in keeping with the general architecture of the adjoining residential development;
  • It must be constructed of similar material to the main structure;
  • It must be constructed to the rear of the main building;
  • It may not exceed 1 story in height; and
  • It must be underpinned or attached to a concrete slab.
  • A person may have a maximum number of 3 accessory buildings per lot, each separated by a minimum of 10 feet.
  • An accessory building can not exceed 650 square feet in size.

Specific Use Permit Required

In districts other than residential or apartment districts, an accessory building is a subordinate building or use which is prohibited unless a Specific Use Permit is granted.

Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory dwelling units in the single-family districts may be allowed by Specific Use Permit as an incidental residential use on the same lot as the main dwelling unit meets the following standards:

  • Occupancy must be only for blood relatives of the main household.
  • An accessory dwelling unit must be designed and constructed so that they are in keeping with the general architecture of the adjoining residential development.
  • The structure must be constructed of similar material to main structure.
  • The accessory dwelling unit must be constructed to the rear of the main dwelling.
  • Each lot must have a minimum of 7,200 square feet and the total lot coverage including the main building and all accessory dwelling units can not exceed 50% of the lot area.
  • An accessory dwelling unit can not exceed 650 square feet.
  • The accessory dwelling unit may be constructed only with the issuance of a Specific Use Permit.
  • The accessory dwelling unit may not be sold separately from sale of the entire property, including the main dwelling unit, and can not be rented or leased to other than blood relatives to the family occupying the main building.
  • An accessory dwelling unit must be at least 5 feet from any side property line and 10 feet from rear the property line.

Automobile Accessory Uses

  • A new car sales lot or new motorcycle sales lot may offer for sale less than 25 % used vehicles as a permitted accessory use.
  • A new car sales lot or new motorcycles sales lot may utilize less than 25% of the total square footage of the footprints for all buildings for service uses.