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Requires a valid Red Oak library Card. Click here to sign up for your free e-magazine account

Zinio for Libraries Collection are digital versions of magazines you'd find on the newsstand. You can download and keep full digital copies of your favorite mwebziniobutton.jpgagazines to a computer, tablet, or mobile device. The Red Oak Library offers 57 popular magazine titles through Zinio. Customers must create a free account, using e-mail address and a created password.

Important information:

New info-1/1/2016

  1. Access to more than double the number of popular magazines
  2. Patrons keep all their prior checked out magazines.
    1. All prior checkouts will follow their account if they use the same email address for the new account site.
  3. Patrons will need to update their account with a one-time re-activation (barcode, email, password, select home library) to access the Value Collection

You must visit the Zinio for Libraries web site in order to browse and download magazines. The Zinio for Libraries app allows you to then read downloaded magazines using a smartphone or tablet. For patrons who are using an iPad or an Android device – after downloading the Zinio for Libraries app, a login is required. Since this is a SHARED collection, your patrons must select the following:” Country=United States, State=Maryland, Library Name= Popular 25eMagazine Collection and then enter email and password. Red Oak Library will not appear in the drop down box so this is very important.

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Assistance and Support

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You may also contact the Library if you require special assistance.

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