Storm Water

  1. Learn About Storm Water

    Storm Water Information

  2. Storm Water Drainage Fees

    What are the Storm Water Drainage Fees?

  3. Stormwater Ordinances

    These Stormwater ordinances were adopted by City Council in order to implement and enforce the city's 2014 Stormwater Management Policy.

  4. Post-Development Stormwater Management

    Ordinances for new development and redevelopment for storm water regulations

  5. Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Ord. 11-070

    Amending Chapter 3, Building Regulations, in Red Oak Code of Ordinances

  6. Stormwater Guide for Construction

    A guide to Preventing Stormwater Pollution at Construction Sites

  7. Reporting Illegal Discharges in Stormwater

    A guide to illicit discharges into our Stormwater system and how to report them