Checking Fishing Equipment In/Out

Rules for Fishing Poles:

  • Fishing poles can only be checked out on ADULT cards.
  • Each adult card can check out up to 4 poles simultaneously.
  • Adults must sign liability form before they receive the poles. They also need to fill out the liability form for any spouse/dependents that will be using the poles. They cannot check out poles for use by anyone else besides their spouse or their dependents.
  • The signed Liability forms must be placed back in their folder once the patron has signed.
  • Poles can check out for 3 days at a time. They must be returned to a library staff member while the library is open. They cannot be left outside the library or at the book drop.
  • Poles accumulate fines of $1/day per day late – not to exceed $35.00 which is the cost of the pole. Patrons may be charged for damage to the fishing poles and equipment.
  • Poles can be renewed up to 2 times, like any other item. They are also hold-able.
  • When the poles are returned the borrowing patron MUST answer the fishing survey located on the library clip board so that we can collect stats for the State.
  • Staff should check that all equipment is in good condition when returned and ask patrons about any damage and charge them accordingly.
  • Poles are stored in the Janitorial closet. They are all marked with identifying stickers and barcodes to be used when checking in/out. The key marked ‘storage shed’ will work on the Janitor’s closet to get the poles. The sinkers and bobbers are in the top drawer to the left of ROPL-CIRC-2
  • Report any significant damage to fishing equipment to the Library Director.