Opening Procedures

Preparing to Open

  1. Enter through staff door and turn off alarm if it begins beeping.
  2. Turn on staff and public PC’s.
  3. Check for any notes left at station by other staff for you.
  4. Unlock key cabinet above register.
  5. Unlock Audio/Visual drawer.
  6. Remove laptop from A/V drawer and plug-in on top of internal book drop/turn on.

Cash Receipts

  1. Remove cash drawer from A/V drawer along with a blue money envelope and a paper self-sealing bank envelope
  2. Take Z1 receipt from cash drawer along with any batch receipt printed out overnight from the credit card machine and and make one copy in copier. You may have to set the copier settings to 'dark' to make it legible, as the Z1 copies very light.
  3. Launch ‘Daily Cash Receipts’ spreadsheet located on staff desktop
  4. Change date at top of spreadsheet to the date shown on the majority of receipt transactions
  5. Change name to your name
  6. Delete old receipt data and enter the new daily cash receipts into the spreadsheet
  7. Confirm that the total at the bottom matches the Z1 receipt total
  8. Take the copy of the Z1 receipt and place it back into the printer so you can print on the back
  9. For the PCL 6 printer you put the side you want to print on UP. For the Lexmark you put the side you want to print on DOWN. The side you want to be the top of the paper goes towards the wall in both.
  10. Print two copies of the Daily Cash Receipts spreadsheet. The copy with the Z1 receipt on the back goes in the cherry wood filing cabinet in the folder for the month.
  11. The copy without the Z1 receipt gets folded in half and set aside to go to the finance department.

Cash Register

  1. Open the spreadsheet on the staff desktop that says ‘Register Balance Sheet’ and delete the previously saved amounts
  2. Add up the number of bills for each currency and enter into sheet
  3. Enter the amount and number of each check
  4. Remove batch report that printed from credit card machine during the night. Add up the total credit card charge slips signed by patrons in the drawer. Make sure the total of the credit slips matches the batch report.
  5. Ensure that the amount under ‘Total Daily Receipts’ matches the total on the Z1 report. Remove the amount indicated under ‘Cash to go to Finance’ from the cash register (including checks) and place it in the paper envelope along with any checks and credit card slips.
  6. Paper clip together the printed Daily Cash Receipts sheet, the Z1 receipt, the transactions ticker receipt and the paper envelope with the day’s profit and any checks and credit charge slips along with the credit batch report and place in blue money envelope.
  7. Take the register key and turn the register on (to ‘reg’)
  8. Take money envelope to the finance department. The code to get in the door if they are open is ‘12301230’
  9. Bring back the blue envelope and any mail from the library’s mail slot – place any mail on the Director’s desk.

Launch Polaris

Launch Polaris remote desktop connection on the staff PC (IP and log in, then launch the Polaris icon on the remote desktop and log in to the ILS system.

Bulk Check-In

  1. Take key for the external book drop and take cart or bags with you to empty the book drop
  2. In Polaris, open the check-in window and change it to ‘bulk check in’ mode. It will already give you one 'free day' by default in the upper right. If the library has been closed longer than usual (not for a holiday or the weekend, but for an unscheduled reason) then enter two or more ‘free days’ to grant fine forgiveness for depending on how long we were closed.
  3. Check in all book drop items. Before checking in DVD’s make sure the correct DVD is in the case. Remove all DVD’s from their cases before shelving.
  4. Shelve all checked in items either before the library opens, or as time allows during your shift.
  5. If you have to leave a cart of items for the next employee, place a note on the cart so they know they are checked in and post or email any explanation you feel necessary to explain why you weren't able to finish.

Opening to the Public

At the correct time, unlock the library doors and open the library to the public.

Checking for Holds

  1. When you get a chance, pull the hold list by going into Polaris circulation > Utilities > Reports and Notices > Circulation > Holds > Hold Requests to Fill. This menu may take a while to come up the first time. When the menu screen appears, select Red Oak Public Library – ROPL on the parameters tab and on the Sorting Options Tab select your preferred sorting options and click ‘submit’. Print out the .pdf generated and you have your holds list for the day
  2. Using the list, find as many of the items as you can. Put check marks next to the items you found. If you are not able to find items, put ‘could not find’ next to the item along with the date and your initials. If you do not have time to look for the whole list, attach a post-it to the page explaining that it is unfinished and give it to the next staff member who is working so they can continue the search for that day.
  3. Any items you do find should be checked into Polaris and a hold slip printed out. Then place these items on top of the audio/visual cabinet.
  4. At the end of the day, place the completed hold list on the director’s desk so s/he can mark missing any items that we have not been able to find for at least 3 days.

Checking the Answering Machine

If the red light on the phone is lit up, there are voice mails waiting that need to be checked.
  1. Grab a pen and a piece of paper
  2. Press the grey ‘Messages’ button with the envelope icon
  3. Enter 1230# to specify mailbox
  4. Enter 2580# as password
  5. Press 2 to listen to new messages
  6. As you listen to the message header you may write down the number and time of call. Then press 0 to listen to the message content.
  7. When you’re done, you may choose to press *3 to delete the message, or leave it if you may want to listen to it again later.
  8. Return any calls if necessary