Closing Procedures

Getting Ready to Close

  1. About 45 minutes to an hour before closing empty the internal book drop and check in items in bulk check in mode. Shelve these items before close.
  2. Write any notes for the next staff member/director that you want to leave.
  3. The Public PCs will turn off on their own at 15 minutes to close.
  4. Turn off the catalog laptop and let it shut down.
  5. Place laptop in bottom of audio/visual drawer
  6. When it is time to close the library, lock the main door.
  7. Record final door count and reset counter.
  8. Push in chairs, pick up garbage and straighten any messes left in the library.
  9. If there are materials that have been used by patrons that are lying around, check in those items under ‘In House’ check in mode and re-shelve them.

Cash Register

  1. Tear off the transactions receipt for the day and roll up
  2. Take Z key and turn register to ‘Z’ mode.
  3. While Z key is in register, press 1 and then ‘subtotal’ button to print Z1 receipt and eject cash drawer.
  4. Place Z1 receipt and transaction receipt in cash drawer, and place cash drawer in bottom of audio/visual cabinet.
  5. Remove register keys and hang up in key cabinet

Locking Up the Library

  1. Lock audio/visual cabinet and hang up key in key cabinet
  2. Lock key cabinet.
  3. Log off Polaris by going to File > Log Off on Polaris shortcut toolbar. Then go to File > Exit on Polaris shortcut toolbar. Finally, log off the desktop by going to Start Menu > Log Off. You must log off this way to close the connection properly. Do not just click the x button at the top of the screen.
  4. Shut down all open programs and exit out of CASSIE on staff PC’s.
  5. Check if there’s any garbage next to the back door to be taken to the dumpster on your way out.
  6. Turn off lights.
  7. Ensure all doors are shut and then set alarm and leave the library.

Locking Up City Hall

If City Hall has already closed then you need to lock the building:
  1. Ensure no one else is in the building having a meeting (look in city council chamber and program rooms.
  2. If you find another city employee who is staying late, let them know you are leaving and ask if they want you to turn out the lights. Make sure you talk to another city employee if you are not locking the building.
  3. If you are the last one leaving, turn off the lights in the bathrooms. You do not have to check the stalls. Just turn off the lights and wait to see if anybody yells.
  4. Turn off the hallway lights and cupola/foyer lights but leave on the switch that has tape on it (rotunda light).
  5. Lock the foyer doors by turning the deadbolt and testing to make sure they won’t open.
  6. Proceed to the exit and make sure that door is firmly shut.
  7. Set the alarm and leave the building, making sure the door shuts behind you.
  8. Take any garbage to the dumpster.
  9. Drive home safely and enjoy the rest of your day!