Daily Procedures and Duties

To be performed every shift:
  • Check for notes left near the staff computer and work on any items stacked up in your bin or on the counter for repair/correction/etc.
  • Check-in and shelve any returned items before the end of your shift. 
  • Fill out your time sheet before you leave every day.
  • Straighten shelves and make sure the library is neat before the end of your shift. Any items that are out of place should be checked in as ‘in house’ and re-shelved before you leave. 
  • Take to the dumpsters any boxes/trash sitting by the back door when you leave.
  • Lock and unlock program rooms as necessary for library programs. At the end of library programs check the rooms and bathrooms for messes left by program attendees. Pick up any messes or ask program attendees to pick them up. If you are unable to pick up the mess, notify the library director or the tourism coordinator so they can make appropriate arrangements with the janitorial staff.
  • Remove unclaimed holds from the hold shelf that are past their unclaimed date. 
  • Work on any assignments sitting in your basket.
  • Daily maintenance tasks such as straightening and shelving should be completed before working on extra ‘special’ tasks assigned by notes from the director/other staff.

Free Time
If you find that you have extra free time during your shift you should work on some of the following tasks:
  • Shelf-read/straighten shelves/re-shelve out of place items
  • Dust shelves/Wipe tables/Disinfect computers
  • Neaten and organize the staff area
  • Do inventory of supplies and make a shopping list
  • Compile the patron suggestion lists for the director to order
  • Work on your own suggested ordering lists
  • Work on inventory/weeding lists supplied by the director
  • Clean DVD’s
  • Unbox new materials and prepare for cataloging
  • Add spine label protectors to unprotected spine labels