TexShare Cards

About TexShare

Nearly 700 Texas libraries are members of TexShare and are able to offer their patrons access to exclusive services. For questions or comments, please send email to .

What is TexShare?
TexShare is a cooperative program designed to improve service to Texans. Members include public libraries that belong to the regional library systems, academic libraries, and libraries of clinical medicine. TexShare enables libraries to offer a broader range of materials and services than any single library can provide for its constituents.

What are the TexShare Databases?
Licensed exclusively for patrons at TexShare libraries, these electronic reference resources offer authoritative, full-text articles from verifiable, subscription-only sources. Find e-Books, magazine articles, newspapers, and much more. Ask your local reference librarian for access information.

What is the TexShare Card?
With a TexShare Card, a library patron may directly borrow books, music, movies and more from any other participating TexShare library, just as if he or she were card-holder there. If your local library participates in the TexShare Card program, you can request a TexShare Card at the circulation desk. See each library's lending policy for eligibility and restrictions.

What is the TExpress Courier?
For librarians only, TExpress is a courier service that provides quick, reliable delivery of Interlibrary Loan and other materials among participating libraries statewide.

To view a list of all participating libraries and their requirements, visit https://www.tsl.state.tx.us/texshare/libsearch/index.php

How it works:

Patrons get a 'TexShare Card' after having been a member of a participating library for the required amount of time. Red Oak will issue TexShare cards to users who have been registered for at least 3 months.

TexShare cards allow patrons to have some lending privileges with other TexShare libraries. If a patron brings us a valid TexShare card we will issue them a Red Oak Card with ‘TexShare’ as the patron type and that expires in 3 months. There is no charge to get a TexShare card. This card allows them to check out books and audiobooks only. See below for other item check out limitations.

Issuing a TexShare card to a Red Oak patron

We keep the TexShare binder in the cabinet above the register. If one of our patrons wants us to issue a TexShare card, fill out the card with their information, set the expiration for 3 months away, and put a note on their patron account saying that you issued them a TexShare card, today’s date, the date of expiration and your initials. Fill out the duplicate sheet in the binder with the same information and then rip out the card and give it to them to sign. Then you are finished.

Issuing a Red Oak card to a TexShare patron from another Library

  1. Verify that the TexShare card they are presenting has not yet expired, and that it has a valid Library and staff initials on it.
  2. Create a new patron account the way you normally would in Polaris. You need to set the patron type as TexShare Patron as opposed to Adult in City. Make sure the expiration date is set for 3 months away. The address check should still be one year. The TexShare patron status will automatically restrict that borrower from borrowing DVDs or using the internet, and they will only be able to check out 5 items at a time.
  3. In a note on the TexShare patron's account, record the following information from their TexShare card:
    • Home Library (where they got the card)
    • Expiration Date
    • Staff initials
    • Patron type
  4. You are done! Give the patron their new Red Oak card. This card will be good for 3 months, at which point they need to show their valid TexShare card again to renew their card.

Red Oak Library TexShare Limitations

: A TexShare Card presented at this library provides circulation privileges limited to the following material types: CIRCULATING BOOKS or AUDIO-BOOKS.

Borrowers may have checked out at any one time, a limit of:
  • Five (5) books
  • one (1) audio-book (either audiotape or audio book on CD).
  • A limit of two (2) items per subject may be borrowed at a time.

Eligibility: TexShare Card borrowers from other libraries will be asked to fill out an application to borrow materials at Red Oak Public Library. Borrowers must present their TexShare card and a valid driver’s license with photo ID to check out materials. Borrowers must be adults 18 years or older. Red Oak Public Library issues TexShare Cards, upon request, to Red Oak Public Library adult patrons who have been patrons in good standing for a minimum of ninety (90) days, and who have no outstanding fines or fees. Red Oak Public Library TexShare Card users are required to promptly pay any fines or fees they incur as a result of using their TexShare Card at other libraries.

Card Availability: Cards issued to Red Oak Public Library patrons, or to set-up privileges for first-time TexShare Card Borrowers, must take place during open hours up to 30 minutes before closing time. TexShare Cards are valid for 90 days with renewals available.

Renewals: Renewal in person.

Returns: Return borrowed items to Circulation Desk or library book drop, or by mail.

Overdues: Due date notices are given to patrons at check out. Overdue notices by telephone or by email

Recalls: None.

Non Circulating Items: TexShare Card borrowers from other libraries may borrow books and audio-books only.

Loan Policies: Two week loan on books or audio-books, with one renewal.

Fines: Ten (10) cents per day fine on over-due books and audio-books.

Lost Items: Replacement retail price plus $5.00.

Billing: Bills due upon receipt. Failure to pay suspends borrowing privileges and may result in further action to recover City property.