Cataloging Items

Cataloging is a complex process that is very detail oriented. You should not attempt to catalog without first asking your supervisor for assistance and training. A full cataloging guide is outside of the scope of this procedure manual, but this can serve as a quick reference for simple cataloging within Polaris.

Adding a brand new item to the system

  1. In Polaris Circulation, go to Cataloging > Bibliographic Records
  2. In the Bibliographic Records Search find the ‘Databases’ tab and check the box next to ‘All ACQ Databases’
  3. Return to the ‘general’ tab and enter your search parameters
  4. Double clicking on a set of search results will show you the number of bibliographic records shared that you can access in each database
  5. Press ctrl+shift+’a’ at the same time to show all results at once in the database results you are looking at.
  6. Look for a record that matches the correct material type and has a publication year. Double click on the record you chose.
  7. Look at the opened record to make sure it looks lengthy and appropriate. Also, delete any fields that are blank (often the 035 field will be blank and you can’t save unless it’s deleted)
  8. Save – you will want to press ‘continue saving’ to any menu that pops up
  9. Once the record is saved find the button to ‘create item record’ if this is the first time that the barcode has been scanned into the system.
  10. Enter the barcode(s) you are adding to that bibliographic record and select a drop down template for either DVD or Book. Press ‘ok’.
  11. Now you are in the Item Record. You need to change the collection type and call number to match the item.
  12. When you are finished editing the item record, save the item and close the bibliographic and item records and move on to searching for your next item.

If you cannot find a catalog record already existing in Polaris

If there is no catalog record available that matches the item you are trying to add, you need to send it to the Cataloging Elves!

The link to submit a cataloging request is on your Polaris desktop

When you submit a request, include as much information as possible. You may want to look up the item on Amazon or through World Cat to get more details.

Who are the Cataloging Elves?

The elves are LSSI employees who process your cataloging requests and create records in the system for you to use. They will send you an email when the record for your item has been created. It may take several days so you will want to put that item to the side until they alert you that a record is available. At that point you can look up the new record the same way you did for the step above.

Adding vendor supplied MARC records from FTP

Brodart sends us the MARC records for items we purchase from them. They place the completed records on an FTP server when the items are shipped. If you are ever trying to check in a shipment and the items are not in the system, you need to import the FTP records.

Using Internet Explorer go to

Then go to the menu at the top and click the Page button, then 'Open FTP site in Internet Explorer'. It will pop up a log-on menu.

Username: b827248
Password: b827248

At this point you will see a folder with MARC records in it. You will want to copy those records to your Polaris desktop and then import them into Polaris. Ask your supervisor to show you the correct process for importing records. When the records are imported then you can delete them out of the FTP folder and close the connection.