Cash Register Procedures

We accept CASH, CHECK or CREDIT CARDS only for payments. We do not accept American Express but do accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

When taking a CHECK as payment

  1. Check name, signature, and address accuracy against driver’s license information
  2. Write in Driver’s License number, expiration date, and date of birth on check
  3. Check for an actual check number
  4. Check for accurate date
  5. Make checks payable to the City of Red Oak
  6. Check that the written amount and the numeral amount are the same.

Taking a CREDIT CARD as payment

  1. Swipe card through credit machine (to the right of the register). If it asks for a pin, it is a debit card so hit cancel. We only take CREDIT cards but most cards nowadays are okay going through as credit.
  2. Enter dollar amount to be charged - don't use the '00' button as I've found it will give an error.
  3. Hit the green button marked with a ‘O’
  4. The machine will run the transaction and print the receipt for the customer to sign
  5. Have the customer sign the receipt and we keep this one – put it in the cash drawer where the checks go after ringing it up on the register, you can either wait or hit the green button again to print a customer copy to give to them.
  6. You still have to ring up the transaction at the register as well!
  7. Run the transaction at the register the way you normally (see details below) would but instead of hitting cash or check you hit the button that says CHG 1. Put the signed receipt in the drawer where the checks go.

Ringing up a transaction - Example

For example, a patron wants to pay for a lost card (costs $1.00) with a $5 dollar bill:
  1. Enter the monetary amount being charged ($1.00)
  2. Press the button for the type of transaction (Lost Card button/Copies/Fax/etc.)
  3. Enter the amount the customer is handing you to pay ($5.00)
  4. Press the monetary type being handed to you (Cash/Check/Credit)
  5. And that’s it!

Voiding a Transaction

  1. Grab the register key imprinted with the letters 'VD'
  2. Insert the Void key and turn register from ‘Reg’ to ‘Void’
  3. Re-ring up the transaction to be voided the same way you rang it up the first time
  4. Turn the key back to ‘Reg’
  5. Highlight the voided transaction on the receipt so it stands out to the person totaling the receipts the next day.
  6. If you void out a credit card transaction, remember it needs to be voided on the credit card machine AND on the register tape. It can only be voided the SAME DAY, after that they’re out of luck.
  7. If you need to void a credit transaction you hit the top center button the machine – the one that looks like ‘---‘. Hit the ‘+’ button until you go down to Void Transaction. Then you can hit the green button to pick which one you want to void, the most recent transaction is usually at the top.

Register Beeping?

This tends to happen if you accidentally hit the buttons wrong when ringing up the money. Try pressing the red ‘clear’ button to quiet the beeping. Then continue with the transaction where you left off. If you end up ringing up something wrong trying to stop the beeping, just finish the transaction and then void it out afterward.

Need to open the drawer?

Press the No Sale Button which says #/NS and the drawer will open. Try not to do this too regularly if you can help it, as it should only be used in emergencies if possible. You should put a note on the receipt saying why you opened the drawer without a transaction.

Out of change?

Check the cash envelope in the A/V drawer for extra change. You can swap out large bills from the cash drawer for an equal amount of small bills from the envelope as needed. If you notice the spare cash envelope is running out of small bills, let the director know so they can get the bills changed.

Large Bills

We reserve the right to ask a patron to pay with small bills if we are unable to make change for their transaction. It is recommended that library staff not accept bills larger than $20 at a time. Patron may choose to charge the unpaid amount to the patron’s account to pay the next time they come in.

Register showing 'pp' error?

  • Turn the register off by unplugging it
  • Turn the Key stamped with a "P" (hanging with keys in the cabinet) to the "P" (program) position (clockwise to the 5 o'clock position).
  • Hold down the "sub-total" key, plug the machine in and continue to depress the "sub-total" key until the printer-unit finishes cycling and the ECR "beeps!"
  • Immediately turn the key (counter-clockwise) back to the "REG" pos'n.
  • You may then you need to select a clerk. Just hit A to set the clerk if the register says 'CLOSED'