Employee Dress Code and Rules of Conduct

The dress code for Red Oak Library Employees and Volunteers is Business Casual, both in the library and when representing the library elsewhere, such as an employee educational training event. The dress code is subject to changes at any time and follows these four basic rules and subsequent guidelines:

Clothing must be:
1. Not torn
2. Not revealing
3. Clean
4. Neat
5. Not overly fragrant (no excessive perfume or other odor - we work in small confined spaces!)

Exceptions to Business Casual attire

Jeans may be worn on Fridays and Saturdays. Volunteers may wear shorts, no shorter than 3 inches above the knee, during school break session. Staff may wear appropriate costumes or hats in support of major programs, with supervisory approval.


Employees are encouraged to discuss this procedure with their supervisors. Any staff member or volunteer who has religious, health-related, or other reasons for non-compliance of these guidelines should discuss the matter with their supervisor for exceptions.


For your safety, and for the safety of others, employees are strongly encouraged to wear comfortable, solid toed shoes.

Food and Drink

Staff should not have messy food or drink at the staff desk. Staff should not eat food while in view of Library Patrons. In the event of working a long shift, please be discrete if you need any food or drink. Please keep all snacks and beverages in closed containers when possible to prevent risk of spillage. If you do spill, please clean it up immediately. Store all food/drink out of the public’s view and in a safe place where they cannot be spilled or damage library materials.

Staff Badges

If staff are issued badges, they must be worn in the public areas when the library is open.