Education Opportunities

From the DFW metropolitan area Red Oak businesses are well-positioned to draw talent from 360 degrees. But, with that said, there’s no real reason to look beyond the city’s borders…

Served by the Red Oak Independent School District, home to multiple institutions of higher learning, and in the central region of a metropolitan area with numerous other educational assets, Red Oak has the educational resources to equip its vibrant workforce.

TSTC North Texas
Texas State Technical College North Texas (Red Oak) 

Education Excellence in Red Oak! (TSTC North Texas, Red Oak ISD, Life School)
Texas State Technical College North Texas can be your key to a great career through quality education at a low price. For our business partners in the North Central Texas area primarily, you can count on TSTC to provide highly-qualified workers to contribute to your company’s success, as well as contributing to communities’ long-term economic development. 

Texas State Technical College North Texas (TSTC)
156 Louise Ritter Drive 
Red Oak, Texas 75154 
PH: 972-617-4040 

The Red Oak ISD is committed to preparing students for their next steps after graduation, whether it may be a 4-year university, trade/technical school or entry into the workforce. Our academics and dual credit offerings are paired with a robust career and technical program. Red Oak ISD and Texas State Technical College have a new partnership to create TSTC North Texas 

Red Oak Independent School District (ISD)
109 W. Red Oak Road | PO Box 9000 
Red Oak, Texas 75154 
PH: (972) 617-2941 | FAX: (972) 617-4333 

Life School's mission is to train leaders with life skills for the twenty-first century by establishing strong academics, character training, and a parenting program. Since its inception over a decade ago, Life School, a charter school, has experienced substantial increases in enrollment. Testimonies from parents to friends, neighbors, and co-workers have fueled rapid growth. 

Life School – Red Oak 
777 S. Interstate 35 Service Road 
Red Oak, Texas 75154 
PH: (469) 552-9200

Higher Education Opportunities Red Oak Vicinity 4-Year Universities, 2-Year Colleges and Technical Schools
Red Oak residents enjoy convenient access to higher education offered by more than 50 accredited 4-year universities, 2-year colleges, and technical schools located less than 50 minutes drive. A wide range of college degrees may be earned starting at the associate's level and ranging through the doctorate level. 

4-Year, 2-Year and Technical, Higher Education Schools (PDF) 

Talent Pool: Degrees Conferred(PDF) (EXCEL)