Frequently Asked Questions


Q     How do I get my trash or recycle cart replaced if it is damaged or has normal wear and tear? Does it cost anything?
A     Please call CWD at 972.392.9300, Option 2. There is no cost for a replacement unless the damage was caused by fire.

Q     How do I get a special pickup for extra items or non-compliant items?
A     Call CWD Customer Service at 972.392.9300, and request an estimate for a special pickup. Estimates are free.

Q     I see I can put out up to two (2) cubic yards of bulky waste. Can you give me an idea about how much that would be?
A     Certainly! A good rule of thumb is that a cubic yard is about the size of a washer or dryer. So, two (2) cubic yards would be about a washer and dryer side by side.

Q     How can I get an additional trash or recycle cart?
A     Please call the City of Red Oak Utility Billing department at 972.617.3638 and they will assist you!