Crime Stats

The Red Oak Police Department uploads all of our crime data to  Crime Reports allows us to conduct Comp Stat analysis of the offenses committed within our city. Comp Stat is a performance management system that is used to reduce crime and achieve other police department goals. Comp Stat emphasizes information-sharing, responsibility and accountability, and improving effectiveness. The four generally recognized core components:

(1) Timely and accurate information or intelligence; (2) Rapid deployment of resources; (3) Effective tactics; and (4) Relentless follow-up. The Red Oak Police Department utilizes data from our Crimes RMS system along with Crime Reports to monitor and address four main categories depicted within Crime Reports Application which are Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, Quality of Life Crimes and Stops/911/weapon offenses. 

​We encourage our citizens to download the Crime Reports application or visit their website at to take advantage of this free service.