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The Public Works Department works collaboratively with citizens, public, and private entities to provide public works services such as public roadway and right of way (ROW) maintenance, park, traffic, street sign maintenance, ground water treatment, storm water system and water distribution system maintenance, wastewater collection system maintenance, contractual management oversight of sanitation and yard waste collection, construction review and inspection of public infrastructure projects, administrative assistance to the departments of public works, parks and recreation, planning and zoning, code and building services, information technology and to the City’s Parks and Recreation Commission.


    Scott Williams

    Director of Public Works
    Phone: (469) 218-7723


    Jared Binford

    Assistant Director of Public Works
    Phone: (469) 218-7744


    Carissa Jacobs

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: (972) 576-3414

  1. Lorenzo Tamayo

    Lorenzo Tamayo

    Public Works Supervisor
    Phone: (972)576-3414

  1. Alex Downing

    Alex Downing

    Utilities Supervisor
    Phone: (972) 576-3414

  1. Sergio Hernandez

    Sergio Hernandez

    Construction Inspector
    Phone: 469-218-7781