Reporting Illegal Discharges in Stormwater

dumping-drainWhat are illicit discharges?

An illicit discharge is an unlawful act of disposing, dumping, or any discharge of any substance other than stormwater into the storm drain system. The storm drain system consists of catch basins, yard inlets, and the street gutters that drain stormwater to them.

Examples of illicit discharges include:

  • Paint, old fuel, or other household chemicals poured into or near a storm drain;
  • Changing engine oil or antifreeze without a containment system for collecting the fluid before it hits the street and gutter;
  • Discarding yard waste, e.g. leaves, brush, and grass clippings in or near a storm drain or drainage ditch
  • Draining chlorinated swimming pool water in or near a storm drain or drainage ditch

What are illicit connections?

An illicit connection is an unlawful connection of a pipe or other direct connection to the storm drain system, drainage ditch, or any water feature that allows the discharge of non-stormwater to the system or a stream, pond, lake, or river.

Examples of illicit connections:

  • Floor drains going into the storm drain system
  • Wash water from residential washing machines, laundromats, or car washes connected to a storm drain system or ditch
  • Sewer service pipe connected into a storm structure or emptying into a stream.

To report an illegal discharge into the City of Red Oak stromwater system, please CLICK HERE