The City of Red Oak strives to keep its citizens and business owners informed of city events, local issues and important news through various media.

The Communications Department collects and distributes timely information to various interested parties across many platforms. The department serves external stakeholders, including residents, media, other governmental bodies, businesses and interested opinion leaders. It also communicates to internal stakeholders, such as city employees, boards and commissions, the mayor and the City Council.

  1. Alexa Beasley

    Communications & Marketing Manager
    Phone: (469) 218-1242

Municipal Center

200 Lakeview Pkwy.
Red Oak, TX 75154


The website makes it easy to receive important information directly about what is going on in the city, via email message. Visit subscribe to news and event alerts.


  1. Visit the “Notify Me” page.
  2. Type in an email address and select “Sign In.”
  3. Scroll down the page and select the type of notification and the method (email or text message) desired.
  4. Check the associated email account for a confirmation message and click the provided link to verify the subscription.


  1. Return to the Notify Me page.
  2. Enter your email address and select "Sign In."
  3. Uncheck any of the email or text message categories or select the "Unsubscribe from All Lists" button.