Social Media


The City of Red Oaks' social media accounts are public forums. The City of Red Oak respects the viewpoint of each and every citizen. As such, the City will err on the side of non-removal of posts on the City's official social media accounts. However, the City may deem that in some instances, it is necessary to hide or remove certain types of social media content posts. A post that contains any of the following material is prohibited and will be removed. 

A. Obscene or pornographic material:

B. Harassing statements, personal attacks, offensive name-calling, or threats to another poster;

C. Support to opposition for a political campaign, or measure; or 

D. Advertisement of a commercial entity, product, or service

All information posted on this Facebook page is subject to the Public Information Act (PIA). To request information available to you through PIA, email our City Secretary at

Posted comments do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the City. 

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