Vision of Excellence

The members of Red Oak Fire Rescue have a shared vision of creating an organization that is recognized for exceeding the needs of the community and setting the standard of excellence in emergency services.

Mission Statement

The mission of Red Oak Fire Rescue is to provide exceptional fire protection and life-saving services while preserving our heritage and developing our future. 

Statement of Value

  • Our employees are our most valuable resource.
  • Relationships with internal and external stakeholders are integral to our success.
  • Reducing risk to all of our customers and employees is paramount.
  • We embrace character, integrity, and ethical behavior.

Core Values

Professionalism | Leadership | Employee Well-Being | Accountability | Teamwork

Red Oak Fire Rescue is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers. To achieve our Mission and reach our Vision of Excellence - a healthy, positive, and productive work environment is essential. The members of Red Oak Fire Rescue have identified a set of core values that every member shall uphold to ensure our ideal work environment. Each and every action and decision will reflect these core values