Career Development

The personnel of the Red Oak Fire Rescue are the most important asset to providing optimal emergency service, public education/prevention programs, and various other public services. Our organization values each and every employee of all ranks, empowering them to perform their job duties to the best of their abilities. Thus, breeding ownership within the organization.

Staffing fire department operations in organizations has and always will be challenging. Daily, we are faced with doing more with less. The intention of this development program is to provide training that ensures that our personnel will have the means to develop the skills and knowledge that will create a seamless transition to the promotional process. 

  • Chief Officer Development Course Battalion Chief Task Book - The purpose of this training is to provide Battalion Chief candidates with basic education and expectations for transitioning from Captain to Battalion Chief.
  • Company Officer Development Task Book - This company officer development task book is a written record of the minimum required training and experience necessary to achieve a specific position or rank.
  • Driver Engineer Development Training Guide - The purpose of this training guide is to provide Driver Engineer candidates with basic education and expectations for transitioning.
  • Members Mentoring Model - Red Oak Fire Rescue’s mentoring process is in place to help each member of the organization succeed. The process is designed to address members within each level of the organization. 
  • Probationary Firefighter Handbook - This “Probationary Firefighter Handbook” is to be a reference guide for the tracking of probationary firefighter training during the first twelve months of employment. It is not the intent of this handbook to set a rigid, structured program outline where specific topics are to be benchmarked at given intervals. The handbook should help guide the Company Officer to ensure that all probationary firefighters receive instruction in all disciplines.