Performance Standards


Red Oak Fire Rescue’s organizational plan of operation is laid out in our SOG’s. They provide organizational structure and direction in what is to be done on a day-to-day basis. In order to ensure and document the effectiveness of our training and our capability to perform common fire ground tasks, company performance standards have been developed. Company performance standards are considered the bare minimum for a fire company. Such standards provide the standardized structure of operation, reduce freelancing, and provide fire ground simulation in fire combat conditions. Testing allows crews as well as individuals to recognize limitations; this information provides points of focus for future company training.


Red Oak Fire Rescue’s Company Performance Standards consist of time-based evaluations and process/task-based evaluations. Each company in the department is required to pass the assigned standards annually. Companies are allowed one retest on the day of the initial test if needed. If the company does not pass the standard at that point, mandatory re-training followed by a retest is required. Testing is to take place during the months of March, April, October, and November. A minimum of three standards is to be completed each month and will be conducted by the Chief or Assistant Chief. The documentation shall be forwarded to the training division where it will be retained for five years.

Reference Sources:

  • NFPA 1410 Standard on Training for Initial Emergency Scene Operations
  • IFSTA Essentials of Fire Fighting
  • IFSTA Fire Department Aerial Apparatus
  • IFSTA, Hose Practices

Assigned standards:


Performance Measures and Accomplishments