Operations Division

IMG_4870The Emergency Operations Division is the largest division and is responsible for delivering all emergency response functions. It consists of an Engine Company and a Truck Company stationed at two fire stations strategically located in the City of Red Oak and Emergency Services District #4.

Areas under Operations:

  • Daily Operations
  • Service Areas
  • Emergency Medical
  • Health & Safety
  • Training
  • Apparatus
  • Stations
  • Performance Standards

Areas of Service

Downloadable the Red Oak Fire Rescue's jurisdiction map 

  1. Emergency Medical
  2. Stations
  3. Fire Apparatus

Emergency Medical

Wilkinson bagGOAL: To save lives, reduce suffering and speed recovery from injury and illness by delivering basic and advanced life support services throughout the community.

The delivery of emergency medical services to the customers of Red Oak plays a major role in the operation of Red Oak Fire Rescue. Currently, approximately 70% of our emergency response activity is an emergency medical in nature.  

Our Fire Department takes great pride in being a progressive Advanced Life Support first responder organization. All of our Truck and Engine Companies have Advanced Life Support capabilities. Our Engine crews provide first response on all EMS incidents to ensure rapid response and optimal care to our citizens.