Political Signs

A political sign is any type of sign that refers only to political candidates or issues involved in a political election. 

Political Sign Placement

The following regulations are identified in the City of Red Oak Ordinance 3.04.002, Temporary Election Signs Ordinance


  • Signs CAN be placed on private property with the owner’s permission
  • Signs CAN be held, worn, or attached to lawfully parked vehicles within the premises of the polling location. ONLY during the voting period and while in compliance with electioneering laws


  • Signs CANNOT be placed or left on public property or in the right-of-way. This includes the parkway between the street and sidewalk and in the median.
  • Signs CANNOT be attached, placed, or otherwise affixed to any building, tree, shrub, or pole within the polling location.
  • Signs CANNOT be larger than thirty-six (36) square feet in area and no more than eight (8) feet in height from the ground. 


Signs in violation of the City of Red Oak Ordinance 3.04.002 will be removed and held at the Public Works Office (411 W Red Oak Rd.) for collection. 

 Report a Viloation 

Red Oak Municipal Center Polling Location Map
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