City Council

The Red Oak City Council is Here to Serve You!

The City Council consists of the Mayor and five Councilmembers, each elected at large and representing all residents within city limits. Councilmembers, including the Mayor, serve staggered, three-year terms, and each June a councilmember is chosen to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. 

What does at-large mean? At-large candidates are elected to represent the whole city; all voters can vote for candidates running for an at-large seat. At-large candidates may reside in any area of the city.

Home Rule Charter: The City of Red Oak is a Home Rule city operating under a City Charter. A copy of the City Charter is available HERE

Council/Manager Form of Government: The city is governed by a council-manager form of government where the City Council sets city policy and the City Manager is responsible for city operations.

Council Responsibilities

Among other authorities granted by state law and the Home Rule Charter adopted by the citizens of Red Oak, the City Council:

  • Adopts the annual budget
  • Annexes property into the city limits
  • Appoints the City Manager, City Secretary, and Municipal Court Judges
  • Approves certain city expenditures
  • Awards contracts and bids
  • Establishes development standards
  • Makes appointments to boards and committees
  • Regulates zoning
  • Sets the annual property tax rate for the City of Red Oak

If you are considering running for office as a City Councilmember, please read the 2017 edition of A Guide to Becoming a City Official published by Texas Municipal League.