Some offenses may require scheduling a court date so the prosecutor may review your proof. You may request dismissal of your citation if you are charged with the following offense(s). 

  • Expired Driver's License/Failure to change name or address on driver's license: Renew/correct your license within 20 working days from the date of the offense or before your scheduled court appearance, whichever is later. Present the license receipt to the court or the Judge and pay a $20.00 dismissal fee. 
  • Fail to Display Driver's License: Submit proof of your current driver's license to the court by the 10 day date on your citation that you had a valid drivers license on the date you were cited. If these conditions are met then the offense can be dismissed with a $10 dismissal fee.
    If this is a second or more violation for the same offense, the clerk will schedule a court date and you MUST appear before the Judge. 
  • Defective Equipment: Correct the equipment and present the vehicle for verification and pay a $10.00 dismissal fee. If no officer is available to inspect the vehicle, the clerk will schedule a court date and you MUST appear before the Judge. For security reasons, clerks will not inspect defective equipment corrections.  
  • Expired Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR): Renew your registration within 20 working days after the date of the offense. Provide a receipt that identifies the vehicle registered and the payment of the required penalty fee to your County Tax Office. Present this receipt along with a $20,00 dismissal fee. If the penalty WAS NOT paid to your County Tax Office, the citation will not be eligible for dismissal.