Garbage Guidelines

Trash will bCWD MARKED CART-01e collected once a week. See the Service Schedule for the collection map to determine the pickup day in your area.

All trash must be placed in bags inside the provided grey CWD MARKED trash cart.

Place all trash items out no later than 7:00 am for pickup between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on your service day. 

Ensure the trash containers and the recycle cart are separated by at least three (3) feet, and three (3) feet away from obstacles such as mailboxes, cars, fences, gas meters, and drainage ditches.

Missed Collection? Contact CWD Customer Service within 24 hours at 972.392.9300, Option 2.

Need a New Trash/Recycle Cart? Please call CWD at 972.392.9300, Option 2. There is no cost for a replacement unless the damage was caused by a fire.

Need additional trash or recycle cart? Please call the City of Red Oak Utility Billing department at 972.617.3638 and they will assist you!