Recyclable Items


Rinsed aluminum and tin cans are acceptable. Flatten if possible.

Note: No aerosol cans, paint cans, foil, pie tins, or aluminum siding will be acceptable.

Cardboard & Pasteboard

Note: Cardboard and Pasteboard are not acceptable items for recycling.


Glass bottles and jars of all colors will be accepted. Drain completely and remove all caps and lids. Labels can remain on the bottles and jars.

Note: No light bulbs, drinking glasses, window glass, mirrors, auto glass, tempered glass, ceramics, or other non-food or beverage containers are acceptable.

Newspapers & Magazines

Place all newspapers and magazines in the recycling bin provided. Magazine and newspaper slicks are acceptable.

Note: No books or envelopes may be recycled. Any paper that is wet, or has been wet will not be picked up.

Office Paper

All office paper is acceptable, including computer paper and printer paper.

Note: No file folders will be accepted.


Rinse out all plastic bottles such as milk jugs and soda bottles. Other bottles with a #1 or a #2 stamped on the bottle will also be collected. Please remove any caps or lids. Flatten the bottles as much as possible. No bottles still containing liquid will be accepted.

Note: Non-bottle plastics (such as margarine tubs, plastic buckets, etc.) are also not acceptable. Rule of thumb: if the lid screws on it is considered a bottle for recycling