Common Violations

What You Can Do

Help protect your community from these negative impacts by reporting any code violations in your neighborhoods and preserving property values. Violations can be reported online by completing our Report a Violation form or by calling 972-576-3414. 

Types of Violations

  • Dumping - Dumping is prohibited under the Texas Health and Safety Code, the Texas Water Code, and the Red Oak City Ordinances. You may not dump garbage or unwanted items. There are several landfills near the Red Oak area where you may dispose of items that you no longer want for a fee. Code enforcement pursues two goals with illegal dumping - ensuring the dump site is cleaned up and catching the perpetrator. If caught, offenders may be required to clean up the dump site and pay a fine.
  • High Grass & Weeds - Grass and weeds shall grow no higher than 12 inches tall. This includes the entire lot (front and back), the area between the property line and the center of any adjoining alley, and all the way to the edge of the street's pavement. High grass and weeds not only pose a fire hazard but may also harbor rodents and snakes as well as contribute to pests such as mosquitoes and chiggers.
  • Junked Vehicles - Junked Vehicles are defined as motor vehicles, watercraft, or aircraft that are self-propelled and have either an expired or missing registration/ inspection sticker, expired FAA ID Number, expired certificate/number, is wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, inoperable for 30 or more days on private property, or inoperable for 72 hours on public property. 
  • Off-Street Parking - Motor vehicles must be parked entirely on a paved concrete or asphalt surface. The parking of motor vehicles on unimproved surfaces can lead to ruts which may accumulate water that can become stagnant and may allow vehicle fluids to contaminate the soil. The parking, storage, or display of vehicles with a load capacity over 2 tons is not permitted inside city limits.
  • On-Street Parking - Parking of any vehicle for more than 72 consecutive hours on public roadways within city limits is prohibited. Parking a truck with five (5) tons or more carrying capacity on any public street, parking lot, right-of-way, or in other public places is also not permitted. 
  • Signs - ALL signs are prohibited In the right of way (street, road, highway, alley), any place that blocks traffic visibility, or on any public utility or light pole.
  • Trash & Debris - Trash and debris are not permitted to accumulate on the property. This can consist of everything from household trash to old appliances. Accumulated trash and debris on a property pose health risks and leads to infestations of rodents and insects. If storing items outdoors, they cannot be in the front yard, cannot deteriorate in weather, nor be stored in a manner that would be a harborage for rats, snakes, insects, or other vermin.
  • Tree Limb & Branches - Tree limbs, branches, shrubs, and plants shall not prevent the free passage of vehicles or pedestrians. Tree limbs must be maintained to not extend into public sidewalks up to a minimum height of 7 feet and not extend into alleys or streets up to a height of 14 feet. Tree limbs overhanging from one private property to an adjacent private property are not a code violation but a civil issue between the two parties.

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You may search for a code enforcement violation using the Code of Ordinances Violations search.