Planning & Zoning

planningPlanning and Zoning in the City of Red Oak focus’ on new development to encouraging redevelopment and enhancing existing neighborhoods and commercial areas. 

The goal is to ensure an economically sustainable future where the infrastructure, housing and service needs of future residents and property owners can be met without reliance upon outside funding sources.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Make recommendations to City Council on matters concerning zoning and site plans, public improvements, civic improvements, street changes, the routing of public utilities, and strategic planning.
  • Make recommendations to City Council regarding updates or amendments to the city’s plan, which guides growth, development, beautification and infrastructure for its citizens. The Commission’s responsibility for planning in Red Oak is to look ahead on the horizon addressing at least ten years in the future.
  • Review and make recommendations to City Council on development of property.
  • Review and make recommendations to City Council on platting of property.
  • Consider and hold public hearings when required on development and land use issues.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The rapid growth of Red Oak creates the need for the creation of a Comprehensive Plan and Interstate 35-E Corridor Vision. Red Oak remains in the early stages of its maturity as a City; therefore, now is the time for the community to formulate a plan to guide decision-making by City Council and City Staff. The 2010 Comprehensive Plan and Corridor Vision are intended to serve as flexible policy guides for the community and are intended to reflect the types of land uses, mobility options, neighborhood characteristics and general quality of life amenities desired by the community.


A plat is a plan or map of a subdivision/tract of land showing all the essential dimensions and other information essential to comply with the plat standards of the City's subdivision ordinance.


The purpose of zoning is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and businesses of the City of Red Oak; to advance the objectives set out in the Ordinance of the Zoning Ordinance (2020, text amendment); and to implement the City Plan. The Zoning Map and subsequent amendments were added as needed to assure good governance.

  Zoning Map                                                         Zoning Ordinance (PDF)

Helpful Documents

Development Application (PDF)                           District Development Standards (PDF)

Development Calendar (PDF)                              DRC Request Application (PDF)  

Preliminary Plat Checklist (PDF)                         Final Plat Checklist (PDF)

Development Plan Checklist (PDF)                    Permitted Uses Table (PDF)

Concept Plan Checklist (PDF)                           Zoning Verification Request Form (PDF)