What is a plat?

A plat is a plan or map of a subdivision/tract of land showing all the essential dimensions and other information essential to comply with the plat standards of the City's subdivision ordinance. A plat may be a preliminary plat, final plat, replat, amending plat, short form plat (which typically combines requirements of the preliminary and final plats) or development plat.

Platting is required for the following purposes:

  • to create a building site and obtain a building permit on a single lot or tract
  • to subdivide a lot or tract into two or more parcels for development of the parcels
  • to combine lots or tracts
  • to amend a plat
  • to include vacated and abandoned property into a legal building site
  • to correct errors on an approved and recorded plat

A plat application must conform to all zoning regulations applicable to the property at the time of the application. The property must be zoned before the plat can be approved and recorded.

For more information on platting, please consult the Subdivision Ordinance in the link below.