Signs in the Right of Way



Any temporary signs must have a permit and ALL signs are prohSigns in the right of wayibited in the following locations:
      • In the right of way.
      • Any place that blocks traffic visibility
      • On any public utility or light pole

      Right of Way

      The right of way includes the following locations:
          • A street
          • A road
          • A highway
          • An alley
          • The space between a road, street, highway, or alley driving surface and the adjacent private property line


          To be sure a sign is not in the right of way, place it behind whichever if further form the driving surface:

          • Sidewalk
          • Ditch
          • Utility Poles

          Example of Right of Way

          Shaded areas show approximate right of way at Ovilla Rd. and N. Methodist St.

          Right of way map