Food Establishment Permit

Food Establishment Permit Application


Any establishment who wishes to prepare food must first obtain a food establishment permit.  A business who sells exclusively pre-packaged foods is exempt from this requirement.
Chef Cooking

Examples of pre-packaged foods may include:

  • Cans of soda
  • Bags of chips
  • Bottled water 
  • Candy bars

Examples of prepared food may include:

  • Fountain drinks
  • Anything cooked or heated
  • Any food item with a broken or without a manufacturer's sealed package
  • Cup of ice 


The city adopts by reference as part of its food establishment regulations the provisions set forth in title 25, chapter 229, sections 161 through 171 and 173 through 175 of the Texas Administrative Code, as amended.  These regulations constitute the minimum requisites for any food establishment within the corporate limits of the city.