Apartment Dwelling District

Permitted Uses
  • Multiple-Family Dwelling (apartment building) greater than 1 unit per building
  • Single-family detached dwellings
  • Nurseries, greenhouses or gardens, limited to the propagation and cultivation of plants, provided no retail or wholesale business is conducted on the premises
  • Private libraries
  • Real estate sales offices during the development of residential subdivisions allowed for no longer than six months (180 days) with a non-renewable permit
  • Public schools (kindergarten through high school) operated by an independent school district
  • All municipally-owned utilities
  • Accessory buildings and uses, customarily incidental to the above uses and located on the same lot therewith
    • A detached or attached private garage having a capacity for not more than 4 automobiles
    • One antenna (amateur radio or CB radio) and satellite dish antenna greater than 3 feet in diameter per lot with a Specific Use Permit
    • Private swimming pool
    • Such other uses as may be permitted under the provisions of a Specific Use Permit.

Size and Setback Regulations

 Item Length / Amount
Minimum Lot Size 7,500 Sqft
Minimum Lot Width 70 ft
Minimum Lot Depth 100 ft
Maximum Lot Coverage (Main Building) See Below
Maximum Lot Coverage (Including Accessory Buildings) 60%
Minimum Living Area See "Dwelling Unit Restrictions" below
Minimum Front Setback 25 ft
Minimum Rear Yard Setback 20 ft
Minimum Side Yard 10 ft
Minimum Side Yard Setback Adjacent to Street 15 ft
Interior Side Yard 30 ft between buildings
Maximin Height 35 ft / 2.5 Stories
Minimum Garage Size 2 Car
Minimum Additional Parking 2 Cars for every 360 Sqft
Minimum Driveway Width 10 ft
Special regulations may also apply.

Refuse Facilities

  • Every dwelling unit shall be located within 200 feet of a refuse facility; measured along the designed pedestrian and vehicular travel way;
  • Each refuse facility shall be screened from view on 3 sides by a masonry wall not less than 6 feet in height. Each refuse facility shall be located so as to provide safe and convenient pickup by refuse collection agencies.

Special District Requirements

No temporary buildings, such as travel trailers or mobile homes, may be used for on-site dwelling purposes.

Dwelling Unit Restrictions

The minimum living area for dwelling units in the “A” –Apartment District shall be as follows:
  • Efficiency unit, 400 square feet;
  • One bedroom unit, 600 square feet; and
  • Two bedroom unit, 750 square feet;
  • When the bedrooms in the unit exceed 2, an area of 150 square feet shall be added to the living area for each additional bedroom.
    • The living area shall be exclusive of garage, porch or similar non-living area.


See the Fire Lane, Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements for all parking provisions and use requirements.

Type of Exterior Construction

100% masonry construction on the front elevation, including porches, and a minimum of 75% masonry exterior construction on each remaining elevation, but excluding garage doors and dormers. Glass or stucco may be used in place of masonry. Alternate building materials may be approved only by the Commission and City Council.