Floodplain Prefix

General Purpose and Description

To provide for the appropriate use of land which has a history of inundation or is determined to be subject to flood hazard, and to promote the general welfare and provide protection from flooding portions of certain districts that are designated with a Flood Plain Prefix, FP. The FP prefix is attached only to the basic zoning districts in the Red Oak Zoning Ordinance for the purpose of informing property owners of potential flood prone areas as designated by FEMA mapping. Areas designated on the Zoning District Map by an FP Prefix are subject to the following provisions:
  • The permitted uses in that portion of any district having a Flood Plain, FP prefix are limited to the following:
    • Agricultural activities including the ordinary cultivation or grazing of land and legal types of animal husbandry
    • Off-street parking incidental to any adjacent main use permitted in the District
    • Electrical substation
    • All types of local utilities including those requiring a Specific Use Permit
    • Parks, community centers, playgrounds, public golf courses (no structures) and other recreational areas
    • Private open space as part of a Planned Development
    • Heliport approved by a Specific Use Permit
    • Uses approved by a Specific Use Permit.
  • No building or structure may be erected in that portion of any district designated with a Flood Plain, FP, prefix until and unless engineering studies have been made to comply with FEMA requirements and such building or structure has been approved by the Administrative Official to be in compliance with City ordinances. After determination that an area designated "FP" on the Zoning Map is not in the flood plain, and has been properly removed from the flood plain, the Administrative Official may authorize an adjustment of the "FP" prefix line but not a change in the base zoning district.
  • Any dump, excavation, storage, filling, or mining operation within that portion of a district having a Flood Plain (FP) prefix must be approved in writing by the Administrative Official before such operation is begun and after compliance with FEMA requirements.
  • The City Council may remove an area from the Flood Plain, FP, prefix designation when, by the provision of FEMA approved drainage works, grading, flood protection, and specific drainage study, it is determined and recommended by the Administrative Official that the flood hazard has been alleviated.
  • The fact that land is not within a district having a Flood Plain, FP, prefix should not be interpreted as assurance that such land or area is not subject to periodic local flooding. It is suggested that land owners also refer to FEMA regulations and maps for additional requirements and information.