Ranchette Estate District

Permitted Uses

  • Single-family detached dwellings
  • Farms, nurseries, greenhouses or gardens, agricultural operations, including field crops, orchards, horticultural, animal husbandry, subject to the rules and regulations of the State Health Department, but not including feedlots or outside kennels and the following:
    • Poultry and swine may be kept solely for personal consumption subject to the rules of the State Health Department.
    • A ratio of no more than 10 fowl or 4 large animals per 1 acre are permitted on each lot.
  • Parks, community buildings or other public recreational areas and facilities owned and operated by the City or other public agency, and recreational areas operated by public, charitable, or religious organizations
  • All municipally-owned or privately-owned utilities
  • Servant’s quarters and quarters used by bona fide farm workers or other accessory buildings such as barns, sheds, and other structures necessary for farming operations may be permitted, provided however, that no such accessory building or quarters for use by servants or farm workers be occupied as a place of abode or dwelling by anyone other than a bona fide servant or farm worker and actually who is regularly employed by the land owner or occupant of the main building
  • Permitted accessory uses where the primary use is residential are as follows:
    • A detached or attached private garage having a capacity for not more than 4 automobiles
    • 1 antenna (amateur radio or CB radio) and 1 satellite dish antenna greater than 3 feet in diameter per lot with a Specific Use Permit
    • Private swimming pools
    • Keeping large animals, provided that no more than 3 large animals for lots less than 1 acre shall be permitted on each lot and one additional large animal is permitted for each additional quarter acre of lot size
  • Stable, private or commercial, for the raising, sale and boarding of horses
  • Schools and related uses, operated by a public independent school district
  • A temporary bulletin board or sign pertaining to the lease or sale of land or acreage
  • Such other uses as may be permitted under the provisions of a Specific Use Permit.

Size and Setback Regulations

 Item Length / Amount
Minimum Lot Size 32,670 Sqft
Minimum Lot Width 120 ft
Minimum Lot Depth 180 ft
Maximum Lot Coverage (Main Building) See Below
Maximum Lot Coverage (Including Accessory Buildings) 40%
Minimum Living Area 2,000 Sqft
Minimum Front Setback 40 ft
Minimum Rear Yard Setback 20 ft
Minimum Side Yard 25 ft
Minimum Side Yard Setback Adjacent to Street 25 ft
Interior Side Yard N/A
Maximin Height 40 ft
Minimum Garage Size 2 Car
Minimum Additional Parking 2 Cars for every 360 Sqft
Minimum Driveway Width 10 ft
Special regulations may also apply.

Barns and Other Accessory Buildings

Barns and other accessory buildings shall not exceed the following square footage in size:

  • For lots less than 1 Acre: 1,400 square feet
  • For lots 1 Acre to Less than 5 Acres: 3,000 square feet
  • For lots 5 Acres and Larger: Must not exceed 40% of total lot coverage.


  • Smooth wire, 2x4 horse wire, and 4x4 panel fencing shall be permitted within the front and side yards.
  • Barbed wire is permitted on tracts two acres in size or larger.
  • Any section of fence visible from a public street must be constructed of wood, brick, wrought iron, pipe, vinyl or chain link materials.


  • At a minimum, a 2 car garage is required, with 2 spaces (9’ x 20’ minimum) in front of garage.
  • Driveway must be constructed of concrete with 10 foot minimum width and 4 inch minimum thickness.
  • Vehicles must be parked on private property and may not cross the property line.
  • For homes set back from the curb/right-of-way line over 200 feet, the concrete driveway is not required. Concrete parking not required for farm related equipment.
  • Fire Lane, Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements may apply.

Exterior Construction

  • 100% masonry construction on the front, including porches, and a minimum of 75% masonry exterior construction on each remaining elevation, but excluding garage doors and dormers. Glass or stucco may be used in place of masonry. Alternate building materials may be approved only by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.
  • Accessory structures shall be constructed of brick, stucco, rock, stone or colored metal materials (inclusive of baked for painted finishes). Unfinished metal materials are prohibited.