Red Oak Police Department

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                                                             CITY OF RED OAK

                                                         POLICE DEPARTMENT

                                             NOTICE OF EMPLOYMENT VACACY 
                                                 Date:  January 8th, 2018

 The Red Oak Police Department is seeking applicants for:

Application Deadline:

Applications will be accepted until the vacancies have been filled.  All forms are on our web site:

Please submit applications to:
City of Red Oak Municipal Center,
Attn:  HR Dept., 200 Lakeview Parkway
Red Oak, TX, 75154.  

Applications can also be electronically submitted to the Human Resources Director Rhonda Lawson (

Starting pay:

Starting pay for a Police Officer is $50,000.00 unless the applicant qualifies for lateral entry.

Lateral entry program up to $56,243.00 DOQ:

Applicants that are TCOLE certified and have previous experience may qualify for the lateral entry program.  These applicants starting salary will be determined by the applicants previous certified full time law enforcement experience up to a maximum starting salary of Step 4 on the Red Oak Police Department pay scale.  These applicants shall not have a break in service from a comparable sized city/agency or larger and shall have two or more consecutive full time years of experience at said agency.  Qualifying applicants can refer to the below chart:

Completed years in
service without a break
Moves to Step
   2 Years Step 1
 3-4 Years Step 2
 5-6 Years Step 3
 7+ Years Step 4


Lateral Entry Signing Bonus:

Applicants that qualify for the lateral entry program can receive a signing bonus.  Applicants that are hired at steps 1 or 2 of the Red Oak Police Department pay scale are eligible to receive a $2500 signing bonus upon successful completion of the FTO program.  Applicants that are hired at steps 3 or 4 of the Red Oak Police Department pay scale are eligible to receive a $4000 signing bonus upon successful completion of the FTO program.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Officers will be required to fulfill all duties of a Police Officer including making arrests, running, climbing, sitting and standing for long hours and writing legible and articulate reports. Applicants will also be required to have excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with the public in a positive manner.    

































































Incentive Pay:

TCOLE Certification/College/Assignment



Intermediate Peace Officer Certification

$ 300

$ 11.54

Advanced Peace Officer Certification

$ 600

$ 23.08

Master Peace Officer Certification

$ 1,200

$ 46.15

Associate's Degree

$ 600

$ 23.08

Bachelor's Degree

$ 1200

$ 46.15

Master's Degree


$ 46.15

Field Training Officer (FTO)

$ 1500

$ 57.69

Criminal Investigations

$ 1500

$ 57.69

Step 1 Initial Screening

Upon submission of an application with no immediate disqualifiers for employment observed, the applicant will be contacted. 

In lieu of a written examination certified applicants passing the initial screening and the Personal History and Background Investigation will be subjected to a review of their department’s:

  • Monthly, quarterly or annual performance or fitness for duty evaluations
  • A review and assessment conducted on a random sampling of the written reports and cases filed for a period of no less than two months and over a minimum period of one year. 
  • A review of in-car video and /or body worn camera video to assess public contacts and violator contacts to ensure compliance with industry standards for professionalism and policy compliance.(note: freedom of information request commonly referred to as the open records act request maybe required beyond a signed waiver to review personnel files)

In lieu of a job task assessment (physical agility), Certified applicants will be required to complete the following assessments for consideration of employment:

  • Vision Testing (color Blindness evaluation) and visual acuity assessment with correctable 20/20 binocular vision
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Drug Screening

Step 2 Issuance & Completion of Personal History Statement:

The applicant will be issued a personal history statement and allotted two weeks for completion.  A completed Personal History Statement is used as a basis for a background investigation that will determine your eligibility for the position for which you are applying.  It is essential that all information be complete and accurate.  An accurate and complete Personal History Statement will expedite your background investigation; deliberate omissions or falsifications will result in disqualification.

Step 3 Personal History Statement Review:

After the personal history statement has been submitted, a review of the packet and documents along with a preliminary interview will be conducted.  This interview and review is utilized to ascertain whether any immediate disqualifiers exist that would prevent the applicant from continuing in the hiring process.


Step 4 Oral Review Board

After a successful personal history statement review and preliminary interview, the applicant will be scheduled for an oral review board.  An oral review board is comprised of three to five members that are comprised of various personnel from a myriad of divisions. The oral review board is used to test an applicant’s verbal skills and get an idea of the applicant’s overall reasoning abilities and common sense.

Step 5 Background Investigation

The background investigation will verify information that the applicant provided on the personal history statement as well as attempting to locate omitted or contradictory information.  Multiple State and Federal databases will be searched to locate any criminal history records, driving records, military records and even law enforcement contacts that could affect the applicants suitability for employment.  During the background investigation visit with the current employing law enforcement agency, a review will be conducted of submitted offense reports, car cam and body cam videos as well as performance appraisals.       

Step 6 Psychological Evaluation

Psychological exams are comprised of a pre-test self-interview or evaluation along with a series of multiple-choice tests or surveys. The psychologist will also conduct a sit-down interview with the applicant and rate their suitability for employment.  Pursuant to TCOLE rules and regulations, applicants with no break in service may not be required to take another psychological evaluation.   

Step 7 Polygraph Examination

The polygraph is a diagnostic instrument that records physiological changes in a person caused by stress, like answering questions that could affect an applicant’s suitability for employment.  The polygraph relies upon measuring the body's involuntary responses which occur when the subject is consciously being deceptive or untruthful.

Step 8 Medical Examination

Applicants being considered for employment will be scheduled for a medical examination. The medical examination will be conducted by a physician designated by the City of Red Oak and will determine whether the applicant meets the medical standards required to be a Red Oak Police Officer.

Step 9 Drug Testing

Applicants desiring to be a Police officer will have immense responsibility and will undergo drug testing to confirm their suitability for employment.

Step 10 Follow Up Investigation

Any items that were discovered or revealed during the psychological, polygraph and medical examinations since the background investigation was completed that require additional investigation.

The City of Red Oak is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 require the City of Red Oak to hire only U.S. Citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers.  Employability verification will be required of prospective employees.