Red Oak Historical Archives

Red Oak Past Citizens
Red Oak Past Citizens

What information do you have about Red Oak History?

Here at the Library, we get this question a lot. This is why we have started the Red Oak Historical Archive to catalog and keep photos, documents, personal histories and genealogical information about our city. For now, our archives are small but we are hoping to grow what we have with your help!

What we have gathered so far:

Below are the documents and pictures the Library has gathered with information about historical Red Oak. Currently our data is very rough and in some places may be contradictory. We are hoping to gather more information to present a more polished History of Red Oak in the future, but we need your help!

If you have information you would like to share with us, please do so below! Also, if you know where some of these documents originated, please let us know that as well - many are missing citations or sources.

Collected Accounts of Red Oak History


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Documents, Newspaper Clippings, and other Miscellaneous Information

Share your historical information!

Have historical information you would like to share? You can use the form below to submit pictures, stories, websites, documents, and any other information you are able to share. This will help us create a better archive of Red Oak historical information for future generations.

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