Swimming Pool License


Pool licenses are $100.00 and must be renewed annually. Application /Renewal Form

What are Red Oak's pool regulations?
The Red Oak Pool Regulations can be downloaded here.

What pools are required to be licensed?

  • All Class A, B, C, or D pools, as amended in 25 TAC, part 1, chapter 265, subchapter L, rule section 265.182, as amended.
  • All Commercial spas and interactive water features.


-- Any man-made permanently installed or non-portable structure, basin, chamber, or tank containing an artificial body of water that is used for swimming, diving, aquatic sports, or other aquatic activity other than a residential pool and that is operated by an owner, lessee, operator, licensee or concessionaire, regardless of whether a fee is charged for use. The pool may be either publicly or privately owned. The term does not include a spa or a decorative fountain that is not used as a pool.

Class A Pool -- Any pool used, with or without a fee, for accredited competitive aquatic events such as Federation Internationale De Natation Amateur (FINA), United States Swimming, United States Diving, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSHSA), events. A Class A pool may also be used for recreation.

Class B Pool

-- Any pool used for public recreation and open to the general public with or without a fee.

Class C Pool

-- Any pool operated for and in conjunction with:
  • Lodging such as hotels, motels, apartments, condominiums, or mobile home parks;
  • Property owner associations, private organizations, or clubs; or
  • A school, college or university while being operated for academic or continuing education classes. The use of such a pool would be open to occupants, members or students, etc., and their guests but not open to the general public.

Class D Pool

-- A wading pool with a maximum water depth of 24 inches at any point.


-- A constructed permanent or portable structure that is 2 feet or more in depth and that has a surface area of 250 square feet or less or a volume of 3250 gallons or less and that is intended to be used for bathing or other recreational uses and is not drained and refilled after each use. It may include, but is not limited to, hydrojet circulation, hot water, cold water, mineral baths, air induction bubbles, or any combination thereof. A spa, as is defined in these rules, does not refer to a business establishment such as a day spa or a health spa. Industry terminology for a spa includes, but is not limited to, “hydrotherapy pool,” “whirlpool,” “hot spa,” “hot tub,” etc. A spa does not include a residential spa.

Public Interactive Water Feature and Fountain (PIWF)

-- Any indoor or outdoor installation maintained for public recreation that includes water sprays, dancing water jets, waterfalls, dumping buckets, or shooting water cannons in various arrays for the purpose of wetting the persons playing in the spray streams.

Single Family Residential Pools are NOT required to be licensed.