Right of Way Information

ROW-UseRight-of-Way (ROW) is the City-owned strip of land from the edge of the street back about 3 to 10 feet. Its purpose is to allow the city to build and maintain the street, curb and gutter, storm sewers and possibly underground utilities. 

This land is the responsibility of the landowner but the City has the right to determine what takes place there. A right-of-way may include curbs, sidewalks and utilities. Since the depth of a ROW varies from location to location, a survey needs to be conducted or property records reviewed to determine the exact dimension of any given right-of-way.

ROW Permit Application

Any work in a right of way or easements requires a permit. To fill out a permit for construction related to a Right of Way (ROW), please click here: Permit application

Utility and Right-Of-Way Contractor Registration 

Before operating in the rights-of-way within the city you must complete the Utility and Right-of-Way Contractor Registration. Full directions are available here.