EDC-01Welcome to the Red Oak Economic Development Department! The City of Red Oak of Economic Development provides technical assistance, creative financing, and educational opportunities that will ensure a vibrant economic future for the region. It is the mission of the Economic Development Department is to assist our existing businesses, attract new business, and stimulate capital investment in the City of Red Oak.

To achieve these purposes, the City of Red Oak has formed both an Industrial Development Corporation (Type A) and an Economic Development Corporation (Type B). The primary goal of the Economic Development Department is to retain existing jobs and create new well-paying jobs that facilitate employment growth and provide a stable tax base. 

If you need a large talented labor pool, low cost of living, high quality of life, a business-friendly environment, and strong infrastructure — all with easy access to national and international markets — give us a call. If you are already part of our city, Red Oak appreciates your investment in our community and we are here to help you grow and prosper.