Attorney Bond/Surety Bond Form

The Attorney Docket is Monday, OCTOBER 2, 2023, at 4:00 pm.

The Red Oak Municipal Court accepts Attorney and Surety Bonds with a notarized Oath of Surety attached and a Letter of Representation. Once received, the Warrants will be cleared, provided the bonds are complete.  

Include a copy of the attorney's bar card and driver's license if you do not have one currently on file with the court.

Attorney Bond/Surety Bond Form 

View the City of Red Oak Attorney Bond/Surety Bond Form

Each bond must include the Court Address, Court Date and Notarized Oath of Surety

Bonds with Letter of Representation can be:

  1. Emailed to Taeisha Wells OR
  2. Mailed to City of Red Oak Municipal Court (101 S Live Oak St | Red Oak TX, 75154)

*The court does not have a fax. 

*NOTE: Incomplete Bonds will be returned 

Aid for Defendants and Attorneys

Print a copy of the Motion and Order for New Trial, per Article 45.0239(d) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures.