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The City of Red Oak offers unsurpassed economic development incentives and financial inducements to high-value businesses and industries on a case-by-case basis. 

Economic Development Incentive Programs (Local)

Local ad valorem property tax abatements are available from the City of Red Oak and from Ellis County. 

The City of Red Oak and the Red Oak ISD have both adopted the Freeport Exemption for certain personal property (inventory) exemptions from ad valorem property tax. 

Economic incentives are available on a case-by-case basis from 'Type A' sales tax-funded Red Oak Industrial Development Corporation (ROIDC), and the 'Type B' sales tax-funded Red Oak Economic Development Corporation (ROEDC). 

Also, the City of Red Oak has access to the full compliment of State of Texas economic development incentives and financial inducements. 

Overview of Local Incentive Programs (PDF)
1. Tax Abatement Policy: City of Red Oak (PDF) 
2.Tax Abatement App & Environmental Compliance Letter: City of Red Oak (PDF)                           (Excel - Application Only)
3. Tax Abatement Policy & Worksheet: Ellis County (PDF) 
4. Freeport Tax Exemption: City of Red Oak & Red Oak ISD (PDF)    
(Freeport Exempt Web Site)    (Freeport Exemption Application)
5. Chapter 380 Agreement: City of Red Oak (PDF) 

Relocation Support
Relocation support is considered on a case-by-case basis depending upon the type of firm, total capital investment, and job creation. 

Land Pricing
Competitive land pricing is available on a case-by-case basis depending upon the type of firm, total capital investment, and the job creation. 

Texas is WIDE OPEN for Business! 

Texas Wide Open for Business

Economic Development Incentive Programs (State of Texas) 
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 Overview of State of Texas Programs(PDF)

Incentives Programs: Local and State of Texas (PDF)

1. Texas Enterprise Zone: Office of the State Comptroller (PDF) (TEZ Web Site)
2. Texas Capital Fund: Texas Department of Agriculture(PDF) (TCF Web Site)
3. Texas Enterprise Fund: Office of the Governor(PDF)  (TEF Web Site)
4. Texas Skills Development Fund - Workforce Training(PDF) (TSDF Web Site)
5. Texas Business Incentives & Programs Overview - TX Governor's Office(PDF)