Workforce & Labor Shed

The Red Oak labor shed is the area of our region from which an employment center draws its commuting workers. It is determined by using a survey of the local workforce, Labor shed data can be used to help the Red Oak Economic Development Department to retain and expand existing businesses while attracting new employers into the area.

Workforce Map
Workforce and Labor Availability: Exceeds 3.19 Million!

Employment, Earnings, Industry & Occupations

"It goes without saying that available labor, especially skilled labor, is considered to be a key driver in site selection decisions. Workers are often the lifeblood for a company’s operations."
(Source: 26th Annual Corporate Survey of Corporate Executives, Area Development Special Presentation, Winter 2012)

1. Employment by Occupation (Occupation Group, Employment, Percent      (PDF) 

2. Wages Report by Occupation (Red Oak, TX): DFW MSA      (PDF) 

3. Labor Force Availability (10 Mile Radials: 10 to 60 Miles)    (PDF)

4. Talent Pool Availability (50 Mile Radius)        (PDF) 

5. Business Report: Number of Businesses by Industry, Sales, Employment    (PDF)

6. Ellis County Profile (PDF)

7. Texas Labor Market Information (LMI)  - Find labor market information about the Texas economy and workforce. Use tools to target your business development, explore industry and economic trends, and research and track emerging and evolving occupations in Texas.

8. Texas Labor Analysis (TLA)  - Texas Labor Analysis is an online suite of labor analysis tools to help provide insight into the Texas labor supply and labor demand.