Employers & Employment

The Red Oak Economic Development Department is designed to encourage business and job growth, while workforce development works to ensure individuals have the education, skills, and training needed to obtain jobs. 

When aligned, job seekers receive training and skill development that employers demand—resulting in higher wages and career advancement—and employers have access to a skilled workforce that enables growth and increased productivity. Beyond benefiting employees and employers, a functional and aligned economic development system has economic benefits to the broader community of Red Oak.

INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS_EXHIBIT_FM664-SH342Red Oak is the home for an impressive portfolio of industries, businesses including Qarbon Aerospace (advanced technology and manufacturing, defense, aviation and aerospace), Bombardier US Aerospace  (Global 7500 ultra-long-range business jet), Compass Datacenters DFW III, LLC (co-location datacenters), National Freight Industries(transportation, logistics, distribution, and warehousing), and Knapheide Truck Equipment Centers – Southwest (truck bodies).