Operations Bureau

Operations Bureau

The Operations Lieutenants command the Operations Bureau. They are responsible for inspecting and overseeing the division's functions, liaising with numerous organizations, and performing administrative duties such as budget requests, activity reports, and teaching classes at the Citizen's Police Academy.

The Patrol Sergeants occupy the first level of supervision in the Department. They oversee the officers' daily activities and ensure compliance with the Department's rules, regulations, policies, procedures, general orders, special orders, directives, and appropriate statutes and laws.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the most visible and recognizable unit of the police department, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The primary function of the Patrol Unit is to provide first line response to residents calling for assistance. They are first responders who provide proactive police patrols, enforce federal, state, and local laws, traffic laws, and report offenses.

  1. Canine Unit
  2. Reserve Unit

The Canine Unit is currently comprised of one canine officer and their respective canine: (LINTZ) whose handler is Officer Matthew Pettit.  The canine utilized by the Red Oak Police Department is a Belgian Malinois. The utilization of properly trained dogs represents a highly cost-efficient police tool. This is accomplished by using the canine's acute olfactory and hearing senses. The canine is utilized in building and area searches for items and persons, tracking of criminal suspects and lost persons, narcotic searches, assisting outside law enforcement agencies with approved requests and other functions consistent with the Red Oak Police Department policies and procedures.