Operations Bureau

Operations Bureau Lieutenant

​The Operations Bureau is commanded by the Operations Lieutenants which are responsible for inspecting and overseeing the functions of the Operations division. The Operation Lieutenants also serve as a liaison with numerous municipal governments, civic organizations and private citizens to promote neighborhood safety and community policing programs.

​In addition, the Operation Lieutenants performs administrative duties such as budget requests, activity reports and teaching classes at the Citizen’s Police Academy.

Patrol Sergeants

​The Patrol Sergeant occupies the first level of supervision in the Department. The Patrol Sergeant’s primary responsibility is to oversee the daily activities of the officers under their direction and to exact the proper performance of police duty from the Patrol Officers assigned to his supervision. The Sergeant is charged with ensuring compliance with the Department's rules, regulations, policies, procedures, general orders, special orders, directives and appropriate statutes and law. He handles all infractions and reports all violations to his superior.

​Patrol Officers ​

​ The Patrol Unit is divided into 2 Teams of officers with an A shift and a B shift for each team. The primary function of the Patrol Unit is to provide first line response to residents calling for assistance. The unit is essential in apprehending offenders and repressing criminal behavior. It furthers the Department's community policing goals by encouraging a positive relationship with the community and by assisting residents and businesses with resolving issues. The City is currently divided into 2 Beats. Officers are assigned a specific Beat for the duration of their shift.

  1. Langham 3

    Jim Langham

    Operations Bureau Lieutenant

  2. Schleif (1)

    Chris Schleif

    Operations Bureau Lieutenant