Support Services Bureau

The Support Services Bureau is responsible for all criminal investigations, maintenance, and storage of all investigation and arrest records, open records requests submitted to the Records unit, proper logging and storage of property and evidence seized by the Red Oak Police Department, and the notification and service of subpoenas to Red Oak Police Department personnel. 

Criminal Investigation Division 

The Criminal Investigations Unit investigates criminal offenses, recovers stolen property, apprehends offenders, and seeks prosecution. The division is responsible for the following:

  • Conducts interviews with both suspects and victims of crimes and is responsible for investigating crime scenes, including identifying, collecting, processing, and documenting evidence.
  • Obtains and executes arrest and search warrants, subpoenas, court orders, and other necessary legal documents.
  • Completes thorough prosecution and case reports
  • Files all cases class "B" and above are filed with the appropriate county, Ellis County & District Attorney's Office.
  • Works jointly with other Law Enforcement Agencies from City, County, State, and Federal.
  1. Community Resource Unit
  2. Jail Unit
  3. Records Unit
  4. Sex Offender Registration Unit

The Community Resource Unit offers crime prevention programs that assist citizens in lowering or eliminating their risk of becoming victim of criminal activity. The department has personnel that are assigned to assist you and your neighbors by providing instruction on a variety of programs.

Community Resource Programs & Events