Prescription Disposal

The Red Oak Police Department has taken additional steps to help keep harmful, unused medications out of the hands of children as well as out of the environment.  Citizens are encouraged to drop off their prescription medication off for disposal within the drop box receptacle located within the Red Oak Police Department lobby.  ​​

​The following items cannot be accepted in the drop off box:​
​      -Any liquid prescription medication​
​       -Anything with a needle on it​
​       -Any aerosol or inhaler medication.

​​Open Source Research shows that every day 2,500 kids abuse prescription drugs for the first time. Seventy percent of people who abuse prescription pain relievers say they got them from friends or relatives. Currently, many unwanted or expired household and prescription medications are being flushed down toilets or being placed in the garbage. Both of these methods have damaging effects on our environment and contaminate our water supply. The Red Oak Police Department believes that we need a year round drug disposing method that would provide a source for proper disposal of unwanted or expired household and prescription medications. Based on our aforementioned beliefs, we have placed a secured container in the lobby of the Red Oak Police Department.

The Red Oak Police Department’s Drug Collection Unit provides a safe, sustainable and secure method to dispose of unwanted or expired household medicines or prescription medication. There has been a great response from the Red Oak community during our Drug Take Back events that have been coordinated with the D.E.A. ​​​The Red Oak Police Department is committed to continuing to offer these services by providing a drop box 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  ​
​If you have any questions, please contact the Red Oak Police Department at 972-617-7632.  

  1. Headshot of Police Chief Garland Wolf in his uniform

    Garland Wolf

    Chief of Police